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Mirna Tomic, MAS-IFP, MSW, LMSW

Biography :

Mirna is a licensed master social worker (LMSW) who has worked in the field of early childhood since 2014. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s of advanced studies degree in infant-family practice, and another master’s degree in social work. Mirna started out as a preschool teacher at Arizona State University, and then moved on to serve families at a non-profit organization where she spent nearly 6 years providing mental health services to children birth-to-5 years old and their caregivers. She also has experience working in an inpatient psychiatric hospital setting with adults struggling with substance use disorders and mental health issues. Mirna is rostered in Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), an evidenced-based intervention model for young children who have experienced at least one traumatic event and/or are experiencing mental health, attachment, and/or behavioral problems. Mirna is a registered facilitator for the Circle of Security Parenting (COS-P) program, an attachment-based parenting education program that helps parents better understand and build on their relationship with their children.

Practice Philosophy :

Through my work with children and families in the community, and my work with adults in acute psychiatric care settings, I’ve come to appreciate the power of relationships and the significance of early childhood experiences, both positive and negative. Life stressors can lead to emotional, developmental, and behavioral changes in children, and often impact the parent-child relationship. This can result in feelings of anxiety, frustration, hopelessness, fear, and sadness. I believe that healing happens within the context of relationships, and I utilize the parent-child relationship as the primary target of intervention for young children. Parents can be the most valuable resource in treatment as they know their children best, and can be readily available to their children outside of therapeutic sessions. As the most important and influential people in their children’s lives, they are central to a child’s development and well-being, and critical to their child’s healing process. I help parents and children understand each other and learn how their past experiences may be presently impacting their thoughts and behaviors. I use play-based and collaborative approaches to discover what each child and family needs to overcome the struggles they face. I utilize play, art, books, Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), Circle of Security Parenting (COS-P), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), stress management, relaxation, and mindfulness techniques. I desire to help clients feel heard, understood, and accepted. For older children and young adults, I partner with the individual to help them develop problem-solving skills which they can tap into after treatment ends. I understand that asking for help can be very difficult for many people, and it takes immense courage to seek treatment. I feel honored to join my clients on their journey toward growth and healing.