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Rg Allen Haugen, M.A.

Biography :

Rg Haugen is a psychometrist and certified school psychologist. He earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Arizona State University, and has also earned a master’s degree in psychology of education from this same institution. Rg has worked as a school psychologist in Arizona since 2007, and has a wealth of practical experience testing and assessing children. His areas of expertise include assessing cognitive, academic and social / emotional functioning.

Practice Philosophy :

As a psychometrist and certified school psychologist, my professional activities involve conducting accurate and valid assessments of youth. I am well versed in many different psychological testing instruments and protocols. However, beyond technical skills, I also know that establishing and maintaining rapport with youth is of paramount importance if they are to perform at their best during testing. I strive to make every contact with youth as warm and inviting as possible, and I also know how to have fun in-between testing tasks in order to keep their motivation high!